Our Company

GlobalMarket Group is a listed leading Manufacturer-to-Business  (M2B) e-commerce service provider that has developed an online market place to link international buyers with reputable Chinese manufacturers. On one hand, certified GMC Manufactures are able to stand out among the rest; on the other hand, it will be more efficient and time-effective for buyers to screen for the qualified and suitable suppliers.

Till now, GlobalMarket has gained $30 million joint investment from Jafco and other leading venture capitals. We also established solid cooperation with reputable manufactures including Midea, Galanz,Chigo, Aupu Group, JMA Aluminum, Kinwai; and famous global buyers such as GE, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot and Auchan.

Core Competence

In 2004, GlobalMarket established GMC, the certificate issued for qualified manufacturers who meet the 8 GMC Benchmarks developed via a comprehensive survey involving over 20,000 global buyers. All the GMC manufacturers have been audited on-site by TüV Rheinland, the world’s leading certification authority.

GMC Mall

As a leading B2B e-commerce platform, now we have some new moves. Considering that in the traditional form of international trade, Chinese manufactures can only take the way of OEM to send their products to consumers through exporters, importers and wholesalers. To keep abreast of the times, GlobalMarket brings out GMC mall, an online M2C(Manufacture-to-Customers)platform set up for qualified Chinese manufactures to extend their distribution channel.

At present, GMC mall specializes in textile, furniture, articles of daily use, kitchen&bath, appliance and lamps. Provided by GMC manufactures, all the products are tested and inspected through a strict quality control system.


GlobalMarket merged with TRADEeasy.com in 2008.

TRADEeasy.com is an international trade enabler providing free online and offline sourcing services to a worldwide community of over 350,000 buyers. It is by far the largest international trade enabler utilizing an ASP model.


GlobalMarket also merged with B2S.com in 2008.

B2S.com is a renowned trade portal set to promote global trade between worldwide buyers and suppliers in five industries: Electronics, Gifts&Home, Components, Lighting and Home Electrical.


In 2006, GlobalMarket Group successfully merged with Shenzhen EUROLAND logistics and FEI logistics.

Through resource integration, and with 21 direct sub-branch offices all over the country and 200 strategic partners and agents around the world, international logistics business of GlobalMarket Group is stepping into a new stage with stronger competitive edge.

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